18+ years expertise IN HIGH LOAD projects

Industry related experience

Through their project experience in e-banking, internet security and travel technology our development partners gained profound knowledge in high-load and cloud applications development and integration.

One can't find two same enterprise service bus projects. Different systems, different data interfaces, different approaches. Each enterprise integration service project is a unique combination of solutions provided for the customers.

Full set of services

This full set of advanced web development services backed by extensive technology and industry related experience allows us to successfully handle projects of any scale and complexity and make your online service available 24/7/365 guaranteed

Starting from cloud apps development up to server and web portals stress performance tests our development partners are ready to provide you with professional services. Profound knowledge in database and sql performance optimisation testing allows our partners to process stress tests for each component of any web app. Starting from web site business logic stress tests up to server and web service. After the full set of tests is done, we can provide our customers not only with the resulting reports but also with recommendations and other professional services.

Solutions provided

  • Cloud apps and SaaS solutions
    Distributed cloud based business application scaling on servers upon system load increase, serving users from the countries all-over the world. SaaS systems design and development. We also can port you old…
  • Enterprise integration and Data mining. Meta-search and Big Data
    Enterprise integration bus projects that work with tens different data communication protocols and formats, making live multi component enterprise level infrastructure systems. Extremely fast meta search systems working with terabytes of…
  • Performance testing
    Stress load performance testing of proprietary and third party systems with sets of tests run on Jmeter and HP LoadRunner emulating hundreds of endpoint. We work both with self operated infrastructure…
  • System monitoring 24/7/365
    System infrastructure and business logic monitoring 24/7/365 with professional level tools HP SiteScope and HP Business Process Monitoring.


    • Technology providers
    • E-Banking
    • Travel technology
    • E-commerce
    • Internet security
    • Automotive
    • Airlines
    • Railways
    • Cruise companies
    • Card processing
    • Online payments
    • SMS banking
    • Industrial automation
    • FX trading
    • Internet startups

Key cooperation benefits

  • We accept both fixed cost and time-material cooperation models depending on project environment and requirements
  • Security matters. All the development centers are equipped with state of the art access control systems
  • All the customers IP rights and know-how are covered by NDA and IP rights waivers
  • We are ready to greet you in our offices and process your RFP 24/7/365 in order to be just in time for your decision.

We are ready to send you detailed presentation, case studies and testimonials

You can send us message with any question regarding our services. We will contact you back within 12 hours.


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