21+ years expertise as EMBEDDED DESIGN COMPANY

TEAM OF HARDWARE ENGINEERS, PCB DESIGNERS and embedded software consultants

Our embedded PCB electronics design team consists from experienced engineers, developers and designers. They provide our customers with extensive printed circuit board layout design services for more than 20 years already.

As an embedded software development company and PCB design house we proudly serve customers from such industries as automotive, construction, healthcare, industrial chemistry, security and engineering.

The special feature of our team is strong scientific skills of our core personalities that make possible full development cycle of embedded systems from the early concept to working prototypes with complete set of PCB electronics design services and documentation.

In case our customers require dedicated team service, we can provide circuit board designers, embedded developers and computer hardware engineers according to your request.

PCB design and embedded software development cases from our experience

Basing on strict NDA agreements with our customers we can disclose only minor information

Printed circuit board electronics design and embedded software development

Electronics design and software development for the high technology gas generators products. Product line of high purity gas generators: H2, Nitrogen, Zero Air. Project includes electronics and firmware concept development and design, product industrialisation. 27 different devices developed by our circuit board designers are used for automated internal chemical processes management and monitoring.

CAN 2.0 controller PCB design service and software development

Universal dual channel CAN 2.0 controller for PC/104 stackable architecture. Project includes schematics and PCB design by hardware engineer, Xilinx FPGA firmware and software driver development by embedded software consultant.

Battery management electronic system

As electronic design company we developed Battery Management System (BMS) for high voltage Li-Ion and Li-Polymer battery stacks. It provides cell level monitoring and conditioning, SoC, SoH calculation, charge/discharge control. Project includes concept refining by hardware engineers, schematics and PCB design, DSP design for FPGA, RTOS (real time operation system) development of controller firmware and test utilities by embedded developers.

Ultrasound generators

10kHz-100kHz, 400W-1kW ultrasound generator electronic system design and development for cardiology. Our deign and development company was responsible for concept development and validation by our experienced engineers and consultants, electronic circuit boards and firmware design, product industrialisation.

Bridge state electronic monitoring system

Bridge constructions state monitoring system allows estimating the state of the whole construction and each area of it. The system was designed for installation convenience and harsh environmental conditions. The complete measurement chain from sensors to software was developed by engineers and designers working for our electronic design company for more than 20 years.

System provides: continuous online monitoring; instant notification about potential construction dangers; fully automatic control via redundant wireless link; simple or zero maintenance, user friendly installation and use.

Solutions provided

  • Embedded software development
    Embedded software solutions design and development. Embedded and Real-Time Linux, RTOS. Digital signal processing and high speed control algorithms. Interface modules and integration buses. C, C++, C#, Assembler, VHDL. We are…
  • Hardware electronics design
    Full set of hardware design services Digital and analogue electronics design. Schematics for digital and analogue circuits. PCB layout and RohS (lead free) design. MTBF calculations. Support for CE and UL…


  • Technology providers
  • Automotive industry
  • Construction
  • Industrial automation
  • Chemistry
  • Laboratory automation
  • Medicine

Embedded Technology expertise and services

Our hardware engineers, PCB designers and embedded software consultants are using in our projects and have strong experience in full set of embedded technologies.



  • Embedded Linux development, Real-Time Linux, RTOS development
  • Various Micro-controllers (ARM, 8051, MSP430, OMAP...)
  • Texas Instruments DSP/BIOS

Firmware for FPGA and CPLD chips

  • Digital signal processing
  • High speed control algorithms development
  • Interface modules (SPI, UART, I2C, Smart GPIO...)

Digital electronics design

  • Low-power sensor controllers
  • DSP boards
  • I/O Controller boards
  • Robotics controllers
  • ARM based SBC


  • Industrial: MODBUS, CAN, AK, SPI
  • Commercial: I2C, PCI, SCSI, USB...
  • Wireless: GSM, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, IR
  • Internet: TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, iSCSI...

Hardware design

  • Schematics for digital and analog circuits
  • PCB layout
  • RohS (lead free) design
  • MTBF calculations
  • Support for CE and UL certifications

Analog electronics

  • Sensors conditioning for analytical equipment
  • Interfacing high resolution and fast ADC/DAC
  • Ultrasound power generators
  • Power supplies


  • x86, PC8051, ARM, FPGA, CPLD, Pic, PC104, ATMEGA, MSP430


  • C, C++, C#, Assembler

R&D expertise

  • Biomedical applications of low-power lasers
  • Ultrasound technology
  • Laboratory automation

Our PCB electronics design company Key cooperation benefits

  • One year standard warranty covers software and hardware design and development mistakes
  • Extended warranty available upon request
  • Fixed cost and time-material models are accepted depending on project environment and requirements
  • Security matters. All the customers IP rights and know-how are covered by NDA and IP rights waivers
  • We are ready to greet you in our offices and process your RFP 24/7/365 in order to be just in time for your decision.

We are ready to send you detailed presentation, case studies and testimonials

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