Industry recognition

Our development partners have a vast software development outsourcing experience. Our main development partner is recognised as TOP 100 Outsourcing Professional by International Association of Outsourcing Professionals

Unique technology competencies

While web development, digital, mobile applications are widely spread technology competencies among outsourcing providers, we have significant added value as a reliable and experienced provider with proven track record in high-load and cloud based solutions, enterprise service bus projects.

We are providing our technology customers with dedicated teams of custom software developers, hardware engineers and PCB designers. We can also set up offshore development centre or provide and expert consulting service on the following stack of solutions: cloud applications development, enterprise service bus integration projects and web services integration, hardware design, embedded software development, prototyping, system performance tests including web site load testing and sql database load tests, software and hardware prototyping.

Industry expertise

In addition to pure offshore resources management, our development centers gained profound knowledge and decades of industry experience in e-banking and travel technology.

Internet booking engines, dynamic packaging, XML API integration, B2B reservation systems are just a fraction of our travel technology experience.

Online payment solutions, bank card processing, mPOS solutions, transaction processing systems, e-wallet - that is all about our e-banking competency centre.

Such an industry expertise can be a significant value added to the appropriate industry related projects.

Development processes and best practices

Our development teams lead by experience project managers successfully handle not only development tasks but also quality assurance engineers, business analysis consultants, system designers and architecture developers.

Being ISO 9001:2008 certified for software development quality management and experienced in cooperation with technology providers and software our development partners can work both using classic waterfall/RUP or modern AGILE/SCRUM methodologies.

Solutions provided

  • High-Load projects
    Through their project experience in e-banking, internet security and travel technology our development partners gained profound knowledge in high-load and cloud applications development.
  • Embedded solutions development
    Our hardware design and embedded software development team has an extensive experience in projects for such industries as automotive, construction, healthcare, security and engineering.
  • Prototyping, research and development
    Our experienced development teams in cooperation with world known technology universities and research groups are ready to provide you with R&D services. Moreover we are ready to design and develop system prototypes just in time…
  • Dedicated development resources
    Our experienced development partners are ready to supply you with dedicated development resources just in time for your need. We carefully select appropriate resources for your project, process initial screening and set up remote interview…


  • Software Houses
  • Research and development centres

Technology vendors for

  • Travel industry
  • Smart house solutions
  • Internet security
  • E-Banking
  • Automotive industry
  • Construction
  • Industrial automation
  • Laboratory automation
  • Medicine
  • Industrial Chemistry

Key cooperation benefits

  • We accept both fixed cost and time-material cooperation models depending on project environment and requirements
  • Our development teams lead by experience project managers handle not only development tasks but also quality assurance, business analysis, system design and architecture
  • security matters. All the development centers are equipped with state of the art access control systems
  • All the customers IP rights and know-how are covered by NDA and IP rights waivers
  • Working with customers from South African Republic to Finland and from the United States to Russia our development centres gained outstanding cross cultural business experience
  • We are ready to greet you in our offices and process your RFP 24/7/365 in order to be just in time for your decision

We are ready to send you detailed presentation, case studies and testimonials

You can send us message with any question regarding our services. We will contact you back within 12 hours.


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