16+ years expertise financial software domain

Industry expertise

Being 16+ years professionals in online payment business and transaction processing systems our development center is providing customers with reliable e-banking software solutions for electronic payments and transaction processing.

Wide range of internet banking software solutions

Range of solutions varies from back-end high-load payment processing systems, to mPOS solutions, B2B and B2C online payment systems, mobile payments and mobile banking software.

Technology expertise is proven not only by comprehensive custom cases but also by self operated transaction based businesses based on proprioritary software components and hardware infrastructure.

Full set of financial software development services

Our development teams lead by experience project managers handle not only development tasks but also quality assurance, business analysis, system design, architecture and implementation.

Online banking software, payment gateways and payment management software, mobile banking and mobile payments software solutions provided by our partners are used by online payments and e-banking companies all over the world.

Solutions provided

  • Transaction processing systems
    We offer transaction processing solutions based on scalable cloud architecture that handle significant performance load. Wide range of our transaction solutions can be used for bank card processing, online payments and billing,…
  • e-wallet, online payments and billing
    Our online payment and billing solutions makes both SME and large scale enterprises issue electronic invoice that can be paid by customers online and offline, using web sites, self care information terminals…
  • mPOS solutions
    We are ready to provide you with cloud based mPOS solutions that allow merchants to process customers' bank card with small readers connected to any kind of smartphones with Android app installed…
  • Custom channel management solutions
    Being experienced in channel management solution for e-banking including internet bank, mobile and SMS banking, bank card and payment processing components our e-banking development team is ready for new challenging projects in…


  • Retail Banks
  • 24/7 banks
  • e-banking providers
  • Online payments providers
  • Card processing centres
  • Internet payment gateways
  • Internet acquiring centres

Key cooperation benefits

  • We accept both fixed cost and time-material cooperation models depending on project environment and requirements
  • Our development teams lead by experience project managers handle not only development tasks but also quality assurance, business analysis, system design and architecture
  • Proprietary software components and know-how allow to meet time to market requirements
  • Working with customers from all over the world our development centres gained outstanding cross cultural business experience
  • Being in e-banking business for decades we know that time is money. We are ready to process your RFP 24/7/365 in order to be just in time for your decision

We are ready to send you detailed presentation, case studies and testimonials

You can send us message with any question regarding our services. We will contact you back within 12 hours.


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