12+ years expertise in custom web development

Business experience

Our development partners have been working with ventured startup businesses since very beginning.

From USA and Germany to Ukraine and Russia, from South African Republic to Finland we have a vast experience of cooperation with startup businesses. Advanced Agile web development is especially important while working in constantly changing environment when yesterdays's backlog can be outdated just after morning meeting with investor.

Industry related technology expertise

In case your project comes from e-banking, travel or e-commerce industry we can provide you not only with pure development resources but also with extensive technology expertise and business consulting service. That can be a significant added value and concept proof for your project provided by industry recognised technology experts.


Range of solutions varies from back-end high-load transaction processing systems, scalable cloud applications and embedded solutions to B2B and B2C online portals, mobile and social media applications.


Our development teams lead by experience project managers handle not only development tasks but also quality assurance, business analysis, system design, architecture and implementation.

We can also do Research and development and prototyping if you need prove of concept for your investment team.

Whenever you are on early stage just preparing for the elevator pitch or already on your way to the next rounds financing presentations we are ready to help you with our consulting services.

Solutions provided

  • Dynamic packaging
    Dynamic packaging is a widely spread term characterising up- and post-sale operations, cross sale and packaging itself. Hiding special prices, mixing offers and offering related products will significantly increase you sales volumes. It is especially effective if combined with social…
  • Social Sales and Marketing Solutions
    Social sales and marketing solutions become widely spread among the industry leaders today. Starting from social integration, using gamefication and direct messaging, such solutions can be extremely effective if combined with professional data mining and dynamic packaging solutions.
  • Prototyping, research and development
    Our experienced development teams in cooperation with world known technology universities and research groups are ready to provide you with R&D services. Moreover we are ready to design and develop system prototypes just in time for your concept proof project…
  • Dedicated development resources
    Our experienced development partners are ready to supply you with dedicated development resources just in time for your need. We carefully select appropriate resources for your project, process initial screening and set up remote interview for our customers with the…


  • Online travel agencies
  • flight booking portals
  • hotel booking portals
  • e-banking
  • loyalty systems
  • e-commerce

Key cooperation benefits

  • We accept both fixed cost and time-material cooperation models depending on project environment and requirements
  • Security matters. All the customers IP rights and know-how are covered by NDA and IP rights waivers
  • Our development teams lead by experience project managers handle not only development tasks but also quality assurance, business analysis, system design and architecture
  • Plug&Play proprietary components allow to meet time to market requirements
  • Working with customers from South African Republic to Finland and from the United States to Russia our development centres gained outstanding cross cultural business experience
  • We are ready to greet you in our offices and process your RFP 24/7/365 in order to be just in time for your decision

We are ready to send you detailed presentation, case studies and testimonials

You can send us message with any question regarding our services. We will contact you back within 12 hours.


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