Development process

We accept both fixed cost and time-material cooperation models

depending on project environment and requirements detalization

Fixed cost model can be used when most of the requirements and project deliverables are clear for both parties, while time-material model allows to flexibly manage the project in constantly changing environment.

We fully respect our customers’ intellectual property rights. That is why any project discussion starts in our team from non disclosure agreement (NDA). We can suggest our NDA form either sign paper suggested by the customer.

Experienced project managers know there is no single way to manage the project. And still each project consists of several steps or phases. The generalized phases of any project can be defined as interception, elaboration, implementation, stabilization and transition phases. All the activities within each phase are process under an official contract agreement between our team and our customer.

The inception phase

We define the list of the project stakeholders and other people who are involved or can impact on the project to realize the goals of the project for each of them. What advantages they want to get as a result of the project. It will give us the project success criteria list. We start the requirements gathering including but not limited to functional, time and resources, quality and technology. We analyze and elicit the core requirements, defining the initial project scope. It’s a crucial point to understand all our customer business challenges clearly. Our competencies and industrial areas coverage allows us to do it in the best possible way. AFter all we define the appropriate way how the project should be managed to choose and apply best practices and processes.

The elaboration phase

After the initial requirements analysis we define the risks list you can meet on the way to your success and develop the risk management plan that will help you avoid these risks and achieve the expected results. We analyze the project goals, scope and risks in order to define the needed resources such as human, finance, information and other and develop resource management plan. We process resources selection and off-shore staffing. We full fill the project team with professionals basing on project requirements. We define project deliverables including pilots and releases and develop transition plan including major deadlines. Finally we develop quality assurance plan including acceptance criteria list. That will help us to aim the project results to the success criteria.

Implementation phase

After the project management plans are developed we set up and approve project environment to process knowledge sharing. We process appropriate team orientation training if needed. Basing on project plan and environment we distribute responsibilities, define contact points and develop communications plan. We start project plans project plans execution and adjustments process. Usually we make some project development process adjustments after a short evaluation period of project execution.

Stabilization phase

Quality assurance in the meaning of aiming the success criteria is a crucial part of any project development process. Clear objectives and acceptance criteria allow us to transform challenging process of project deliverables acceptance into a daily routine.

Transition phase

The final phase of any project development process is a project deliverables transfer. It includes but is not limited to knowledge and technology transfer, customer staff training.

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