Who we are


Team of technology consultants with 11+ years industry experience.

Being technology experts in cooperation with reliable software development companies we provide customers from all over the world with custom development services.

We understand the business needs of our customers and respect the importance of their daily duty to communicate with end-clients. That is why we are willing to create transparent and permanent cooperation with our customers both end-user companies and technology providers.



Just key info regarding our team and partners

  • Senior software and hardware engineers have 18+ years experience in software development or hardware design
  • Our development partners have hands-on their industry expertise. They are not only coding custom projects but also operating successful e-businesses based on proprietary technologies
  • Working with customers from South African Republic to Finland and from the United States to Russia our development centres gained outstanding cross cultural business experience
  • 9 out of 10 new clients become our repeated customers and word-of-mouth powers 2 out of 3 our new deals



Complete control and transparency.

Customers are granted access to project tracking systems, source codes repositories, time reporting systems and may control the progress of their projects in real-time.


Industry expertise

Due to our industry focus we can easily understand your business issues exactly how you need them to be understood, thus saving you day-to-day interaction between business and technology specialists.



A nоn-disclosure agreement (NDA) is signed before we proceed to any information regarding your project. Intellectual property rights management is the part of our official contract. All the customers IP rights and know-how are covered by IP rights waivers.

Cooperation models

  • Dedicated development teams
    "Dedicated team" is the model that can be useful for off-shore development centres. Customer commits to work with the certain amount of team members for a definite period of time. Invoices are paid monthly basing on the development team workload reports and  hourly/daily rates.  The model is usually…
  • Fixed time/cost projects
    "Fixed time/cost" is the most widely known cooperation model. The model can be used when customers requirement specification contains essential information, that allow project management team to make accurate estimations for the time and resources needed for the solution to be developed. If the…

We are ready to send you detailed presentation, case studies and testimonials

You can send us message with any question regarding our services. We will contact you back within 12 hours.


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