• Data Science machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies

  • IoTconnected embedded software and hardware solutions

  • High-Loadcustom software development and solutions integration

Technology providers

Scalable solutions embedded hardware and software design
Custom software development. Stress load performance testing. Enterprise service bus integration. Embedded electronics and firmware design and development. R&D and prototyping.

E-commerce and Travel

distribution systems and intelligent solutions
Enterprise integration bus projects. e-commerce portals and apps. Omni-channel CRM and ERP platforms. Data science. User classification and dynamic pricing models. Predictive solutions

FinTech solutions

Transaction processing systems and content distribution
Custom development and implementation of FinTech applications and services. E-Wallet and mPOS solutions. BI for tracking, scoring and monitoring 24/7/365.

Industrial manufacturing

Technology consulting prototyping and development
VR environments for education and training. Assistive apps with AR. Connected sensor solutions. Predictive diagnosis and prognosis systems. Industrial Internet of things and M2M applications

Are you ready for the World Industry 4.0 concept?

According to the world leading experts from Garner, Intel, Sabre and McKinsey we are facing digital revolution of new age:

  • Through 2019, every $1 enterprises invest in innovation will require an additional $7 in core execution.
  • By 2021, 20% of all activities an individual engages in will involve at least one of the top-seven digital giants
  • With 6.4 billion connected things in 2016 (not counting smartphones, tablets or computers), growing to 20.8 billion in 2020
  • By 2022, IoT will save consumers and businesses $1 trillion a year in maintenance, services and consumables.
  • By 2020, artificial algorithms will positively alter the behavior of over 1 billion global workers

We are the part of Industry 4.0 What about you?

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Our services

We provide dedicated R&D teams of software and hardware engineers, data scientists, physicists and mathematicians capable to handle projects of any scale and complexity

Basing on vast industry related expertise we can help our customers in scientific R&D support, system analysis, design and development, performance stress load testing and solutions remote support and monitoring 24/7/365.

Each of our development centres is specialised on certain competency:

Shortly about us

Digital technology solutions advisors and experts 15+ years in business development and digital business transformation

With development and R&D centers in EU, Belarus and Russia is ready to help you with all the challenges of the modern business world

Industry 4.0 is all about the new concept of data flows between local end points and artificial intelligence acting globally and operating locally on top of it.

We use simple cooperation model
  • you CONTACT us
  • we do the fixed quote or assign a dedicated team
  • you get the results

We are always trying to find the best way to complete your project by balancing such important factors as price, time, quality, risks and scope.

We are ready to send you detailed presentation, case studies and testimonials

You can send us message with any question regarding our services. We will contact you back within 12 hours.


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